Build Me Up Lite is not in Update 1.32.1 for Android

Hello there, the new update on all of my Android Devices includes the new Back to Fitness Training Plan but does NOT include the new Build Me Up Lite training plan. That Build Me Up Lite training plan DOES appear on my work PC when I opened up and updated my Zwift app on that. Is anyone else also having this issue?

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Have you got the new UI?
I found it - not in Plans, it is in Collections (attachment - UI in German).

Thank you Milan! You are correct, but it is under Plans on my PC, somehow it just is not underneath plans on the Android devices. Sounds like a bug to me! Thank you so much and Ride On!

Cheryl Harris

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Same here.
Signed up for the plan last weekend, it shows up in the Companion app, but not visible when I open the Android Zwift app. Started the first ride today (started on Zwift Android from the Collections section), but after finishing it doesn’t show any progress with regard to the plan. :frowning:
When I open the Desktop app, it instantly prompts to continue to plan, but here the progress of the first ride isn’t visible either.
Thought something with the sync was incorrect, so even cancelled the plan on the PC, but that doesn’t help, it’s simply ‘gone’ from the Plans section in the Android app…

Wonder how we report this bug to the Zwift support team? Do they read this forum so they will be aware of it?

Yes they read the forum. :ride_on: