Buggy on Apple TV

Tonight was the worst experience I’ve had with Pace Partners because generally I’m a fan. I’m seeing multiple D pace partners that seem to change up rapidly. This is a pain because while I like having more variety in levels, the fact that levels don’t seem constant is an issue. If I’m riding at 2.0 W/kg it’s a decent recovery ride. Near perfect pace. But if my only choices are 2.4 W/kg and 1.8 W/kg which are near the pace I want, then it’s a pain. Why not have an E rating

Then there are the spurious turns out of nowhere and when that happens I lose the drops multiplier and I’ll never catchup so I quit. It happened twice tonight!

I was a bit angry giving feedback in the Zwift game itself and had some choice words for that. Sorry about the language.

Please fix these stability (and predictability) issues!


Impossible to catch up if I get dropped here as well.

See Pace Partners Weekly Update - W/C 4th July for all the details of each PP’s basic pace, and how it changes on gradients.

Turns out of nowhere shouldn’t be happening though. Are you sure you were with the PP that you selected, as opposed to another one that you latched onto who was following a different route?

CA Activity description suggests Pace Partner was selected rather than joined as free ride.

Notice Apple TV mentioned in OP header so wonder if Apple TV remote was being touched at the time of unwanted turns. Don’t have Apple TV myself but previously read following post.