Bug with PD 4.1.1 Downhill watts?

@DavidP can you confirm this is a bug? Apparently you don’t need to push at all on a downhill and you stick to people… I hadn’t heard this before just now listening to the Wrap, see clip below.

No, it’s just pure speculation, I assume because of the anvils. At certain given (high) speeds the weight increase of the anvil becomes irrelevant compared to the draft savings coming from the pack. So yes, it’s normal that you can just coast like IRL without losing contact…
Unless they are mentioning something else I didn’t understood.


i lost the wheel on a downhill the other day while i was looking at another screen and i needed to do a big effort to get back on so i doubt it

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I noticed this as well, and am a huge fan of the coasting! As you said, it’s like an IRL race or ride, so I love the ability to surge over the top of a climbs and then drop into the draft of a group. It makes the game considerably more lifelike, in my opinion.

If it’s a bug, it should become a feature! :slight_smile:


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You need to eat some more hamburgers.

4.1.1 does seem to allow you to draft downhill at the back of a pack with zero watts easier than you could in 4.1.

I don’t think it’s a sticky draft kind of thing. It’s just at high speeds (getting up to 60kmh) there is just barely enough draft to do zero watts. Although it’s pretty easy to drop off the back if you aren’t careful.

Daz Carter notices it at 18:20 in this video (should be setup for the right time):

but it’s maybe and impact of the sticky draft with those pedalling getting held where they are and really don’t need to pedal.

On zwift peoples natural riding style has been to pedal nearly all the time unless it’s a steep downhill near supertuck speeds where is it seems now with pd you can really go easy and still hold the wheel.

There is no longer sticky draft since mondays update

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