Pack dynamics 4.1.1

Hi i have some questions maybe someone can help me with.
i have noticed that i burn much watt when drafting and i know 4.1 was real hard with sticky draft and
it could make you burn up to 40.50watt to stay in same place, but its not 4.1.1 version out now when thay have fixed this problem ? i find a clip when thay show and talk about that the hard watt overcome is gone now with the 4.1.1 version, but i had this problem just the other day.

But if there is a 4.1.1 that have fixed the sticky watt burn could it be my steering is doing this in crowdy groupes due to the fact you cant steer out left and right but i should still be able to run trough the groupe fwd?, but when i tested and go tru the groupe fwd it was like hitting a wall i was not able to do it i needed to drop out and then go up in groupe again, it was my 3rd time riding with zwift play steering
so maybe that is doing this problem in crowdy groupes?

hope someone can enlight me here, and also confirm if 4.1.1 is released offcial on zwift or if its still 4.1

Best regards Morgan