Sprint and Coast Issue - Help

Hi all, I remember seeing a post that there was a bug that got fixed where if you sprinted and then coasted, repeat, you could roll along with the pack - pretty much doing no work. I think that they introduced some sort of penalty to riders who rode like this - a bit like the anti-sandbagging power penalty. Can someone link me to the details of this fix please?

Many thanks,

Has it been fixed? I remember reading about the sticky watts issue around the end of 2020, like in the following:

I can’t recall any fixes being announced since. Happy to be corrected.

Hmm, seems my issues is resolved. About 1.5mths ago, just as I loaded into Tempus Fugit, Clara Cadence came by. I thought that looked like a good casual ride, so I tried to make it on from a standing start, cold. To avoid hurting my legs, I did the high-power then coast routine about 10 times and made it on. BUT I got no draft. I had to sit at 0.5wkg higher than anyone to stay in the bunch. That was fine, had heard about the ‘penalty’ related to that technique.

BUT, it didn’t go away - ever. It was super annoying, no draft because the ‘penalty’ cancelled out the draft benefit.

But for some reason this morning it is all good.

I could be smokin’ but …

it definitely hasn’t been fixed. I encountered a rider abusing the crap out of it in a zwift race maybe 2 or 3 days ago. I can’t even be bothered to flag them anymore

Okay not fixed, I meant I read there is a penalty applied for using it - like in the anti-sandbagging measures.

Is it in normal riding too?

I noticed a rider doing this sprinting then coasting non stop following a group I was part of.

I think so, I have only done it once. But obviously, you notice it more if you are trying to catch a group.