Bug: Runners exempt from cheat detection / pace cap

I rode on the Volcano Circuit today. I was lapped dozens of times by a runner sprinting at an apparent speeds of up to 100mph on occasion (varied) and who had done 250km+ run (and counting).

It appears as though runners are exempt from pace cheat detection that applies to cyclists, or if the functionality exists it is broken

the screen name says it all…

I think the title of the runner gives it away.

I do testing from time to time and use a simulator to do so.

There’s nothing to be gained for the user given the lack of accredited races for runners.

I think you’ve both managed to entirely miss the point. This isn’t some official Zwift testing. Cyclists aren’t free to put “testing” in their name and ride at 3000W continuous (regardless of whether riding in open world, events such as group rides, or races). Why do you believe this should be different for runners?

I get your issue but not sure why you’re so bothered?

They aren’t competing & have changed their name to signify their intent. They probably didn’t save their run.

Like i say i do testing from time to time in order to improve Zwift, does that make me a cheat?

I suspect being level 60 on cycling they are now quickly levelling up and so far at level 24 for running. ( you will need to do a few more 10ks to catch them !)

Current run of 180 miles at 31mph is something I can only dream about, on a bike.

Anyway they are testing something - whether Zwift will do anything about it ?!

You shouldn’t assume that. I once saw a similar thing and it turned out it was Zwift doing testing but accidentally did it in the live world and not in the QA environment. The name was SITU LIVE, nothing to note it was Zwift or just some random user.

I do believe that using an ANT emulator is against the ToS.

Likewise you shouldn’t assume it is official. Hence logging the bug here and needing input from Zwift support.

I’ve looked at their history, all normal until yesterday and now today.

Odd behaviour i admit but like i say I’m totally not bothered about something that doesn’t affect me or my Zwift experience.


I wasn’t, just pointing out the irony of the name. Did you flag them on the companion app, or fill out the suspicious rider form?

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This isn’t us, I’ve let the CS Team know.


Perfect, thanks @James_Zwift :sparkling_heart:

I did, yes, but the point is that a wider bug exists for this to be possible in the first place.

Its not “me” alone that’s bothered with cheating, its Zwift. Hence why they have already added detection for unfeasible w/kg for cyclists - but appear to have a gap in that detection for runners. Lack of parity/coverage in an existing anti-cheating measure.

I’m not making a feature request and don’t need to argue my case for cheating detection, Zwift have already made that decision. I’m simply pointing out a gap in that protection.

Really, people on this forum don’t half complicate matters sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not certain, but I think the “cone of shame” that autodetects unrealistic numbers might only be enabled in events, and not while free riding? I would hope it would autodetect this type of thing regardless, but I’m not sure.

That is not correct, Mike, it occurs in open riding too (triangle warning)

Yeah this happens in free riding when I make my avatar do 2000w :joy:


thanks for confirming!

Ah but when you hit 2000w I bet it wasn’t for 30 hours and over 2750km in November 2020 to hit level 50 cycling. :thinking:

Edit - thanks for passing running information on. Not sure my follow up cycling info isn’t just a couple of years too late !

Sometimes an hour :slight_smile: