Bug found with Power Value reported within Zwift

(Michael Minard) #1

I found a bug with the power value within Swift. I’ve been able to repeat this bug using two different SRM Powermeters and with a Wahoo Kickr trainer.

I found that Swift was reporting power readings that were much higher than what the actual power was if I repeated specific steps when initiating my ride. I believe the bug has something to do with how Swift is calculating the ‘0’ offset value of the pwoermeter itself since my bike computers are correctly reporting the power values.

To duplicate the bug you do the following steps…

  1. Log into Zwift
  2. Begin riding at an easy pace (~150-200 watts)
  3. Click Begin (or whatever the button is titled)
  4. Click Start Riding (or whatever the button is titled)

If the above steps are followed the power reading will be around 320 or so watts while riding at 200 or so watts.

I’ve been able to reliably reproduce this. If you need more information please let me know.

(Michael Minard) #2

Zwift, not Swift (gotta love auto-correct)…

(Jon Mayfield) #3

There’s a bug we currently have with SRM. To “fix” the numbers, simply stop pedaling for 5-10 seconds, and then start up again. That’ll cause the SRM to send it’s calibration data to us again and we should start showing the correct data.

(Alan Weatherford Z60) #4

Any updates on this bug fix?  I’ve had similar problems trying to use the SRM as the power source.  I have an SRM PM and Computrainer Lab Version.  When logged into Zwift there is a 10-50Watt difference in what Zwift reports as power and what is showing on the GARMIN head Unit or the SRM head unit…  

(Jon Mayfield) #5

Alan, if might show a power difference initially, but once you stop pedaling once everything should be in sync. When you stop pedalling the SRM will send it’s calibration data and now and from then on Zwift should remember it (even over weeks or months now).  This change went out last week.