Bug: Companion App not showing workout tab during meetup

Very simple: If you start a workout during a meetup, the companion app does not show the workout tab - instead showing the “Dashboard” tab.

Meaning you can’t pause the workout, turn ERG on/off or adjust slope resistance with ERG off, and you need to control the main Zwift app to adjust bias.

This on Android, app version 3.42.0 (1477)

Same issue on IOS, this broke once before then got fixed and has broken again - very frustrating

Interesting. I don’t think it has ever worked correctly on Android - at least not for the past 4 years.

Still broken as of 3.52.0 (1675)

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Come on Zwift please fix this for Meet-ups, you added it to clubs in June and but it still doesn’t work for meetups. It used to work then broke so we know it’s not impossible!

Should be fixed in the latest version, Travis.

Thanks Jurgen - will test it on this weeks meetup

Did a meetup on Saturday where we all joined and then loaded the workout. I still did not have the workout dashboard in the Companion app. Has anyone else been able to confirm if this does in fact work?

Still doesn’t work for me in 3.53.0 (1694).

Tried two things:

  • Workout selected before meetup started
  • Workout selected during meetup

Neither resulted in the workout tab being visible.