Bounty Program. Lip service?

This was the response to that video posted above - It was obviously raised as per the message so Zwift staff at varying levels were aware of this and this specific user a long time ago - But if middle or senior management wont take ownership people will be shouting into the abys…

The thing is, im doubtful things have improved, this one performance forced an issue. This wont bring sweeping improvements.

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Any updates?

They also admitted it in another thread if i could be bothered to hunt for it. But suggested it was not widespread and therefore a priority to fix like some other things that would improve racing greater

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Yeah I remember that. Something something IPO, focus on mass revenue generation, something something short term, something sweep under the rug, something maintenance.


And it seems we will not get any answer from anyone from Zwift… Classic!!! It is a shame that things would need another media exposure in order to get attention. But the Eddy Hoole thing starts growing now… DC Rainmaker,… I have seen that trend in Feb…

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coming zzzzzzzooon :man_shrugging:


It begs the question… if we see it on a day to day basis, and it seems to be commonly discussed, are there no Zwift employees as engaged in the community as we are? I would think there should be people employed there who are racing often enough to see this. Although it seems there are certain timezones worse than others.

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Zwift are pretty much going to bury their head as deep in the sand as possible.

Funny how the timing of the new course and features was released the day after this announcement - trying to bury the publicity.
Same with an update on displaying CE data was made on here 2 weeks before it is ready. It’s all about trying to bury news.

If no action is forthcoming as we expect, I’d expect ‘people’ to drop more info as the UCI event is to kick off… it may even involve some of the qualified riders…

My guess is more news will surface about this case if/when the UCI issues a statement.

Cycling South Africa is with immediate effect, instituting its own disciplinary process, which include engagement with the UCI, based on the UCI Cycling Esports Regulations. Cycling South Africa subsequently imposes a suspension of the rider’s license from all cycling disciplines while the investigation is in process.

That was planned weeks out.


Everything is a conspiracy James, stop being such a normie sheep :kissing_heart:


Do you get a tinfoil helmet for level 60 ?


i feel like the guys responsible for rendering scotland’s most famous dogging spots as zwift scenery are probably not in the same field of expertise as the guys involved with zada but with the company layoffs i suppose the remaining staff may well be forced to perform multiple roles within the company

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Since it seems that you have some insights about the planning, could you share with us when the Bug Bounty Program is going to be launched? Despite the many requests from many of us ( @gloscherrybomb or @Dave_ZPCMR among others) we still have zero information on a commitment made more than nine months ago by the CEO at that time, now Co-CEO, of the company.
@Eric : at the time you and I exchanged I mentioned to you that I was hoping that the commitments you were making to myself and the community were not only a vain promise. I believe nine months is a reasonable amount of time to get at least visibility on where we stand, specially after the cheating scandal of last week. Where are we? Is your personal commitment to the community not enough?


@Luciano_Pollastri_ZE my job is to create events. I have no bearing on overall company policy but I’ll happily flag your comments.

From my understanding, the talk of bounty programme (back then) was to identify exploits, not reporting cheaters.

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Exploits which allow cheating, surely?

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I’m quite certain of that as well. Have to pay the salary for the new co-CEO somehow.

And now my comments seem to be hidden… Thanks for the transparency…

Maybe it’s automatic because it contains the word cheating? Can’t see anything in your post that is worthy of being hidden.

Why on earth has Luciano’s post been hidden?

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