Bot like civilians in Tokyo

This started for me with 1.30.1. ATV appliance. I’ve seen other colors so not just green. It’s intermittent.

Those are virtual pedestrians. It’s all the rage in Zwift Tokyo. The virtual Zwift pedestrians have become self aware. Now, they do their jobs virtually, much like we ride virtually in Zwift :joy:

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They appear to be 0W/kg bots! :ride_on:

Ngl: I find this hilarious.

Happened to me as well in Neokyo (AppleTV) whenever a green pacer bot was coming at me from the other direction, soon as the pacer bot passed they changed back to normal.

Do they slowly turn their heads and stare at the camera as you pass them? Tell me they do, because that would be terrifying.

Maybe it is this years Halloween trick?

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Spooky! :scream:

Isn’t it obvious? Those are all RoboPacers waiting for runners to join them :grin:

Edit: Oh, and I see we have RoboPacers for cats and dogs as well :rofl:


This happened to all the sea life in Watopia too!

the red pace partner came the other way and the whale and all the fish turned neon red.


It’s like you’re Neo in the Matrix.

Maybe gearing up for a ghostly halloween event :slight_smile:

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Definitely related to the proximity of a robo-pacer of the same color. I guess when they graduated from Futureworks they decided they need to start recruiting!

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IS this intentional or a bug

here is a screen shot showing the neon whale in watopia!

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My vote is it’s an unacknowledged bug. It happens everywhere there are “spectators” - human or otherwise - and a pace partner of that color is nearby.

I’ve seen it change foliage too

Saw this when testing a PC the other night. Strangely the NPCs were normal when clicking on the Pace Partner, then went bot-like when clicking on other riders in front of behind the PP. This flipped back and forth depending on who I was watching.

Saw this a couple of days ago on Neokyo too (Apple iPad version).

On entering the Alley Sprint one of my robopacers appeared. People in view before the robopacer appeared were normal however, after riding for a 100 metres of so any new people (and a cat) coming into view appeared as grey ghosts (same colour as the robo pacer). I assume this could be the models switching into view and the bug is using the material of the robopacer on these people (and cat). The robo pacer finished before I did and the people beyond the finish line were normal when I got there.

I believe this is getting fixed in 1.31.


Ah, that might explain why I saw yellow holographics cows and people, just after a yellow pace partner passed me! :rofl: