Boost Android image quality

When will we as Android users get boost in screen quality when Zwifting?

Last year Zwift has made older Android devices useless for Zwifting as the basic requirements went up. With that in mind I thought we would soon get better graphics and more setting options in return, but so far nothing happened for Android users at all. We still have the worst screen quality of all devices.

I would like to know from Zwift HQ when we finally get a quality boost or at least a setting in which we can boost the (image) quality.

It’s almost certainly a trick of the OLED(?) screen, but I swear the detail looks lightly better on my Poco F3 that very rarely gets used for Zwift, compared to my usual Mi A2.

I doubt they will. Despite what you might think the power of your GPU in your phone would struggle if the profile was increased from basic.

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