Zwift android quality lacks behind IOS

So i have a 2019 ipad, a brand new xiaomi pad 5 which runs on a snapdragon 860. and a pixel 6 pro also and the quality on the ipad seems to be better even though its several years older.
I was hoping Zwift would look a litter better on the Android devices considering they are high end devices.
For example the trees in on the ipad have more branches and leaves, the image quality of jerseys on android is poor its very low res.

Come on Zwift up your game and give Android users a better version of the game, or at least allow us to choose our own graphical settings.

To my understanding there are no adjustments at all to IOS or Android in zwift. I read somewhere that the base textures are higher resolution in IOS as android had to have lower base to cover more low and id range devices. One thing I did find that is interestinng is I have S22 Ultra and a OLD Hanwei tablet and I replaced them for Zwift with a Lenovo Tab 11 Pro Gen 2 and Zwift look MUCH worse on it for no reason I can see. I think both are locked at 720p but If I recall texture size on android is 280p and was 320p on IOS.