Bont Shoes in Zwift Any Good?

I love my real Bont cycling shoes and I was over joyed to unlock the Bont Helix shoes in Zwift at Level 48. I figure that most Zwifters are well past Level 48, yet I hardly see anyone wearing the Bont Helix shoes in Zwift.

Are the other shoes in Zwift faster than the Bont Helix shoes? Do the Bont Helix shoes slow you down like the new SRAM RED eTap AXS on the Cervelo S5 2020?

Items like shoes, gloves, helmets, and jerseys/knicks have no effect whatsoever on your speed in game, so feel free to continue with the Bonts on your avatar.

As for how many people have really reached the higher levels and still ride regularly is something only ZHQ can tell us. It seems to be something that the deciders at Zwift don’t want to discuss, since the regular posts here about the value of adding levels above 50 never elicit any meaningful reactions from them.

I think that one of the reasons for people not putting the Bonts on their avatars could be the colours: bright blue with splashes of orange/red and yellow, if I recall. It’s hard to match them with the other items that people will have acquired by then. There’s also a hefty proportion of long-term riders who just don’t care about clothing their avatar or changing bikes, I guess.

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I don’t believe there are any performance difference between shoes.