Bodycraft Treadmills

Anyone out there using the Bodycraft treadmills with the touchscreen and zwift app? Thoughts? I am looking at purchasing.

I am also looking at the body craft t1000 and interested in anyones review. Lifefitness Integrety is my other choice and while it has a lot of features, its blue tooth seems to connect HRM or earphones only.

I just purchased the T400 with a 16 inch display. Should get it in a couple weeks. I will be using an apple TV 4k to run zwift I think.

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Just got a T1000. Been running on it just a week or so. Took some tinkering (eventually just had to turn the treadmill off and on) to work with Zwift, but works pretty well. I have a shelf on the wall where I put a laptop to run Zwift. That way I can still stream a game on the treadmill screen. Might look into Apple TV or something in the future.