Bluetooth and MacOS Sierra 10.12.1 update

(Kevin Young (CNW)) #1

I updated my MacBook Pro to Sierra 10.12.1 a couple of days ago.  Since the update I can no longer pair with my Tacx Neo.  It doesn’t seem to work through the build-in bluetooth on my MacBook Pro, or through my iPhone.  Prior to the update it was working fine.

I was able to pair with Tacx app on my phone and verify that I have the latest firmware.  I also erased all bluetooth devices and reset the bluetooth on my computer using the debug menu to no avail.

I have also been reading about issues on the Kickr after update.  It sounds like Apple changed something Bluetooth related in the latest Sierra update.



(Stefano Meckos) #2


i have same problems. After updating my mac book pro to OS Siersa the built in bluetooh connection to my elite turbo muin misuro blu didnt work any longer. before the update to OS Sierra everything worked fine.

Using the mobile link app to set the bluetoth connection between trainer and zwift still works. But i want to connect my trainer directly to the macbook using the built in bluetooth sensor. Any suggestions?


(Craig Kelley) #3

I’m having the same issue here – Zwift can’t directly connect to my trainer via bluetooth. 

My details:

  • OS: Mac Sierra 10.12
  • Trainer: Elite Fluid Power Smart B+
  • Power device: Misuro B+ (came with Elite trainer)

Zwift knows that there was an issue with Bluetooth + MacOS as discussed at the links below, but I’m afraid they believe it is fully resolved:

I uninstalled and reinstalled Zwift completely, then confirmed I have the latest version of Zwift running (1.0.16759, which doesn’t have an associated ‘What’s new’ article at the moment).

Still no luck with connecting to my trainer. My heart rate monitor works fine, strangely.

(Jason K) #4

We’ve been looking into this since we received reports about Sierra, but we haven’t found anything universal to that OS version. Our QA team installed the update and hasn’t had any problems, so we’re investigating these cases on an individual basis as trainer specific issues.

If you haven’t already submitted a support ticket, fill out the form at and attach your log files (Documents\Zwift\Logs).