Block user button

It would be nice to have a block user button so next time someone shoots passed you doing 15w/kg you can say bye-bye and never have to be annoyed by them again.

I appreciate this might present some issues with the dynamic / interactive nature of Zwift, particularly with respect to drafting.

But, I think this would make a lot of people happy and reduce the issue of “flyers”…

Here is the best option available at the moment:–How-do-I-flag-another-rider-and-what-does-it-do-

I agree that it would be a valuable feature to have a block button for followers who message you and hit on you while you are riding. Rather than having to make my account private and avoid private messages, simply blocking the user would be grand. Thanks.

Guys actually do that?! Sleazy. Mind you, those avatars …

Strangely, no ladies have been hitting on me…

Agreed. The ability to block specific “chatters” is vital. Example last night someone kept posting a stupid question. Based on the replys it was clearly annoying many people, including myself. Simply blocking those senders I find rude, annoying, or vulgar would be optimal as orhers may not feel the same way. This block should be temporary to that session.

Pretty soon you’ll be the fastest person on Zwift because you blocked everyone.