BKOOL power & Zwift

(Uffe Lindhardt ODZ (B)) #1

Speed in Zwift is primarily based on power I understand. Do Zwift use the power values reported by the BKOOL trainer via ANT+ FE-C pages directly or is some kind of conversion/calibration applied ?

I ask this question primarily out of curiosity, since actually I run Zwift with an external power meter (Stages). I have however observed large differences between the power meter and what BKOOL reports in their simulator (up to +50% on steep inclines).

(Steve C) #2


Is the Bkool showing lower or higher resistance? Also, as you said it’s on steep inclines, would you be rinding those out of the saddle? As the Bkool trainer relies on your weight to hold the rear wheel onto the resistance unit, getting out of the saddle can cause the power reported to drop significantly.


Also, make sure your weight is set correctly in the Bkool app, as that is used to calculate power and any discrepancy in that will be amplified when the gradient or a climb increases.

(Uffe Lindhardt ODZ (B)) #3

The BKOOL is showing higher power values (in the BKOOL simulator at least) on inclines than my Stages power meter. This effect is well-known among BKOOL users. I normally sit down, as standing up on a laterally fixed bike does not work for me.

(malcolm may (WCC) C) #4

I think the bkoolers are often as misguided as some of the misusers of zpower.