Bike Swap Buttons

I’ll make this short :).

Since the implementation of the road resistance I have been swapping out bikes more than in the past (Mt. Bike for Jungle Route etc.).

It would be great if there were a couple buttons on the Companion App that could have pre-configured bike/tire combos set before you start a ride so you didn’t have to stop in order to switch.

Obviously this option should be unavailable for races, but for training if would be great to be able to quickly swap between TT bike for Fuego, Tron for the Titans, then Tarmac Pro for KOM without having to stop.

I think this should also be possible in races. It just feels wrong that we should have to do all these steps to swap between bikes. Easily available buttons/keyboard shortcuts would make this much easier and could add a new element of tactics to racing. Maybe bike swap enabled/disabled should be configured per race for the race organizer to decide.

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If a bike swap added a random penalty of e.g. 3-10 sec, one would have to take a calculated risk. This will then be another random element like the power-ups. Maybe one type of power-up could give you one bike swap without penalty.