Bike set up for child - trainer or stand

Looking for some help or advice, my daughter 9 has been watching me on zwift and is keen to give it a proper go. She uses my bike which is way too big for her and so far has done 0.5mile in 5 minutes on it!!

Im thinking about going down the kids account road and setting up her bike for zwift. but don’t want to spend a fortune ( would rather use the money to upgrade my turbo trainer to a direct drive one)

The main question is, Is a turbo trainer required or will some sort of stand be suitable (I doubt she would be able to ride with the resistance of a trainer). Lot of pictures Im finding on the web show kids in a freewheeling position
If a stand is an option then where would be the best place to look and any thoughts on the type…
There is a chance if she does enjoy zwift it will become a permanent set up as she is die a new bike in the summer.
Thanks for the help and advice

Probably not a huge help to you but my trainer “kurt” has a small wheel adapter and my son used that. It was a pain to swap out back and forth but got him on the bike and he had a blast riding on Zwift like Dad.