Bike Grease or anti sieze for pedals

Like a big bar type torque wrench? Not a sensitive clicky one, right?

Breaker bar should be less than a big-ass torque wrench…unless you need a BA torque wrench.

I just mean that torque wrenches are very precise tools that shouldn’t be used for grunt work. That’s particularly true of ‘clicker’ type wrenches, with an internal mechanism. Some of those aren’t designed to be loosening things at all. And if a bolt is really stuck, that initial big burst of force it takes to loosen it can damage the mechanism. It was something I already knew, luckily (thanks Dad :slight_smile: ), but one of the very first things I was told at the shop on my very first day was to never use a torque wrench as a ratchet unless you want the mechanics yelling at you.

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Yeah, massive bar type one.

I took it with me over to France when I did Haute Route for doing up the brake discs (I take them off when travelling). I wondered if the security screening would pick it up for some reason- it was checked in. :wink:

One of the other riders said to me - “damn you have a full mechanics workshop with you”. :wink: