Big Sur OS11 - download problems

Hi - I upgraded my Macbook software from Catalina to Big Sur and cant seem to download the Zwift program now. Download file says OSX, but Big Sur is OS 11. Has Zwift updated the game software to allow download to Mac OS Big Sur?

OS X is the correct name for Mac computers. Currently it is OS X 11 Big Sur. Previous version was OS X 10.15 Catalina.

OS X {version number} {version name}

That said, downloading MacOS (OS X) would be the correct choice.

The last OS X version was 10.11

By the way: most people never knew how to pronounce OS X correctly. Now open and type say OS X 11 :joy:

Technically, you are correct. Personally, I still refer to them all as “Mac OS X xxxx” Not sure why Apple has to keep changing it, “Mac OS X xxx, OS X xxx, Mac OS xxx”

Marketing. In the context of the post OS X product landscape, unification is not so strange:

iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, macOS

Colloquially referring to macOS as OS X is understandable. Most folks still refer to iPadOS as iOS. But in a development context, from release notes to download file names, that smells funny.