Big events with lots of riders

(Alexander Perdon) #1

I really like big events like this tuesday GCN Race Series: Alpe Du Zwift Race and the Fondo’s with lots of riders.

It would be great if there will be more events planned like this.

(Wes Salmon (Zwift HQ)) #2

There are a number of great weekly events that pull in hundreds of riders each ride. A few to check out are:

Mondays: SZR Evening Joyride
Tuesdays: PACK Sub2 Ride
Wednesdays: Aussie Hump Day Ride, Team Poland Coffee Ride, Zwift Germany Ride
Thursdays: RuhrRiders Gruppenfahrt 2.5 Ride
Fridays: TGIF Ride

Best way to find a big ride is to use the events view Zwift Companion app (Google Play, Apple Store). Filter the rides by the type you want (usually Group rides are the largest) and search for a large ride. :ride_on:

(Alexander Perdon) #3

I am talking about these massive events with 1000+ riders.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #4

With winter coming you will see a lot more people on Zwift and some events will swell to over 1000 riders.

(Wes Salmon (Zwift HQ)) #5

Just remember, large events will limit the number of riders you actually see in game to 100. :slight_smile:

So while I get your point about large rides being fun (they are!), the experience between a ride with 200 riders and 1000 riders isn’t much different if you stay with a large pack of riders.

The only key difference could be a results screen at the end of the ride (which isn’t a function of ride size, it’s a function of the configuration of the event by the organizers).

(Wes Salmon (Zwift HQ)) #6

Also note that our Fondo series draws HUGE participation as well (on par or larger than the GCN rides). You can check that out as well. :ride_on:

(Alexander Perdon) #7

During the Alpe race or Fondo I hop from group to group. Like last Fondo due some circumstances I started a little late, but however since it is a massive event I quickly was around other riders and was able to overtake hundreds of them. That is real fun, because you will never ride alone although you start late and overtake and overtake. With less massive events your quickly end up completely alone.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #8

I think the idea for a lot of these events is to stay in the group and not make a race out of it.

(Alexander Perdon) #9

I think you replied to Wes and his suggested list of events.

Indeed I am talking about races, however a Fondo is more considered as a group ride than a race. But most take the Fondo as a race, like me too.