Beta tester for disc wheel

i know that only the beta tester can have disc wheel.
I was a beta tester, can you control that? And haw can i have disc wheel, if you can control that i was a beta tester?

Thank you


I think the disc wheelset was an unlock for level 15 or so. So not all beta testers got it, just those who’d ridden enough Zwift. I think all beta testers got special shoes though.

A little over a year ago, Jon Mayfield himself said the disc wheel will be coming back.

"Jon Mayfield August 06, 2017 06:42

The disk wheel indeed will make a comeback and anybody will be able to acquire it. I can’t say when exactly but it should be before the end of the year."

However, it hasn’t surfaced yet. Maybe it will, who knows? I’ve heard rumours of an in-game “shop”, so maybe that’s what we’re waiting for.

I have heard it both ways from Zwift officials that the Disc wheel will return and that there are no plans to being it back.

Both are correct.


Well I guess that settles it :grinning:

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Info coming! Sorry for being cheeky. :grinning:


is it a competition reward ? Whats the info :slight_smile: #impatient

Progress? :slight_smile:

Maybe…I’ve heard its in the air of right now. There are no cross winds (or any wind for that matter) so just do a special double disc.

seems a few riders have managed to unlock level 50 already (within days - how is this possible?) - does the disc wheel show up for level 50 ?

I’m only lvl 27, so don’t look at me on this one but I’ve heard rumors of folks using an ANT+ simulator to rack up some miles.

It’s because folks continued to earn XP even when the maximum level was 25. Once it was expanded to 50 they were already there.

That’s not true at all. We get accelerated XP, but we don’t jump straight to level 50 (in my case level 39):