Zipp Disc Wheels?

 Noticed someone the other night with a Zipp rear disc wheel.  Anyone have any info as to when that was awarded / what it was awarded for? 

Reward for beta testers only. I think they stopped giving them out at level 15 around a year and change ago

Ah, okay.  Thanks.

any thoughts of a disc coming back? I mean…for the time trialists in the audience that is :wink:


Would be great for the Zipp rear disc wheels to be available on the TT bike 


I have heard 2 different things when it comes to the disk wheels. One rep from Zwift on these forums said it’s coming back and in an email I received from another rep they said it has not been discussed and there are no plans to bring it back. So your guess is as good as mine if anyone else will be receiving it.

The Zipp disc wheels were a gift for the early beta users. When I see someone riding the Cervelo with the dic wheels you know they have a long history with zwift. To preserve the prestige of the wheels but allow new users to have access to these wheels they should be unlocked to celebrate either an anniversary or mileage achievement.