Beta Feedback Recap & January Update

Made my day with that comment @Eddy_Lee . Thanks for the update and awesome work chaps.
Can’t wait to get some new recon events organised for the recons :wink:

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Thanks @Mike_Rowe1 :+1:

Got it this morning… Oh yeah, a gamechanger for our club for sure. But now I have to resolve another issue… Someone grabed our Zwift Club name (over 500 members) and I can’t create out Zwift Club because the name is already taken.

East Coast Zwift Riders

The only way to resolve this is a fight to the death, choose you greatest warrior and meet in the old west town in the desert of Watopia at high noon.


haha would be epic… but seriously, how do I know who it is… I have no issue with a meeting at high noon in the Watopia desert lol.

No idea, maybe @Eddy_Lee can help… though it might be a privacy issue and you are just going to have to choose a different name or spell it differently?

East Coast Zwift Ryderz…

I could see this being a much-repeated issue. Some club names are likely to be quite generic, and a “first come, first served” claim-staking land rush doesn’t feel great.

In some systems, things like this are catered for by having a visible part and a non-visible part. e.g. in I could be Daren#1234 and someone else Daren#5678. In most contexts it might only show “Daren”, but the other information is available to be sure you’re connecting to the right person.

East Coast Zwift Riders#1 and East Coast Zwift Riders#2 seems fine to me, since the #1 or #2 is probably only needed when someone’s trying to join the right club.



Dance-off in the Neokyo arcade.


You could also use ECZR, then in the about section have the group name. Not ideal but it’s another option.

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@Eddy_Lee can you help out? This is our club logo, so using another name is a bit of a bummer since all the promotion and marketing we do for our club and zwift rides is based on our branding.

Worst case, we will use East Coast Zwift Riders Canada or ECZR or ECZR Canada

Thanks everyone… with new innovations comes new challenges.

Maybe do something like call it “The Real East Coast Zwift Riders”, or “The Original East Coast Zwift Riders” :slight_smile:

all good suggestions… thx. We are trying to figure it out. I’m sure any cycling club would like to keep their names, domain names, etc. But sometimes, you have to adapt. I’ll wait to here back from Eddy Lee and go from there.

That is a fairly generic name its pretty hard to claim ownership of that - There must be plenty of groups who consider themselves East Coast something through multiple countries.

Thanks for the feedback regarding unique club names. I hear your concerns and I’ll take it back to the team to further explore. Our intentions behind having club names being unique was to have a unique identity on Zwift that couldn’t easily be copied.

Personally, I like the idea of a high noon watts war on tempus fugit to resolve this between the two groups.


Thanks @Eddy_Lee. The desert it is then :joy:

We will use an alternate name for now. Now, if we do find out who created a name and they want to delete it (before it goes to tempus fugit). If they delete it or rename it, does the original name become available.

In any case, thanks for the great work. We are excited about this new feature and look foward to improvements. Clubs has a lot of potential.

or perhaps this is finally a good reason for Zwift to introduce a velodrome, only to resolve these issues :thinking:

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Posted a message to our 500 club members and 5 min later the name became available again :slight_smile: All good, no need for a showdown in the desert. But i do like @Mike_Rowe1 idea of a velodrome ;-).

Thanks. I look forward to using the features.


so… there won’t be a fight to the death… how disappointing…



@Eddy_Lee thanks for this post and great to see clubs progressing!

Team time trial event mode… Is this for individual TTs within clubs or would it be event mode for teams… So something that could be used in the weekly WTRL TTTs replacing the need for a stop watch?

I took part in the club feature testing that started two weeks ago, and there was possible to edit/configure the club not only through the Companion app but also on the web page. Today I’ve created another club, but the page"club-short-name"/edit doesn’t work (only the message “OOPS! WE HIT A SNAG” appears). Is the editing of newly created clubs blocked generally, or it’s only an individual issue?

P.S. Pages .../home and .../roster are working well