Best purchase for a Mobile Tablet and Wattbike Ant+

Hi, I need some advice to link a small mobile device to a Wattbike Pro - ANT + only, no blue tooth availble.


Looks like some android have ANT + imbedded but can’t find if it supports Swift / Wattbike.

In a nutshell, i need a device or solution that allows me to connect ANT + via Wattbike directly to a Mobile device using Wifi…


Anyone do this?


Zwift is only available on PC, Mac, iOS and AppleTV at the moment. To get ANT+ to an iPad/iPhone/ATV you would need to use CABLE, a 4iiii HRM or a Lighting to 30 pin adapter and a Wahoo ANT+ key.

Zwift for Android should be going into beta soon so that might allow you to directly connect the trainer to a tablet.

Thank you Paul, If i Lighting 30 Pin adapter and Ant + Key i will be able to run from a phone or Tablet you think?

Only if it’s an iOS device and meets the minimum requirements.