Best laptop

In my experience it’s almost never a genuine requirement, hence my original reply.

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John - thanks for you help. Seems to be rather different opinions suggested

I use the companion app for messaging.

Read the FAQs on the group. :+1:

Messaging in game.

I also use it to search for events, races and group rides.

Ah ok thanks - as i say only started last week so new to all this and probably have only sctrached the surface of what is available as yet

If you’re willing to put some effort in to get the best graphics, value flexibility on input and setup, and generally want the full experience of what Zwift has to offer, consider a PC. Zwift is a 3D game that typically takes place in the same physical location each time, so a dedicated desktop with the right hardware is much better value than a gaming laptop, and has several other benefits such as being repairable/servicable and upgradeable. Something sat there ready to turn on just for Zwift is far less tedious than messing about setting up a multi-purpose laptop every time.

However if none of the stuff I’ve mentioned matters then just buy an 2022 Apple TV 4K 64GB. You still get the convenience of a static, dedicated device and they’re easy to set up and use. You already have an Apple account I presume, so you’d use that. Alternatively if the bigger screen is literally all you care about, get a cable to plug your iPad into the TV.

Hope this helps.

Dave - many thanks for that info whch is what i wanted really. Guess i should have worded original question better and asked what was best device rather than about a laptop. Thanks agin

As implied above, the answer to that question depends on your definition of ‘best’. :wink:

Personally I don’t want to pay to stare at any less than the best Zwift can be - maximum details, highest resolutions, highest frame rates - but within reason because I also strongly advocate value for money. Zwift is a strange piece of software and it’s very easy to waste brass on diminishing returns. Many others don’t give much of a shite about what they’re looking at, some don’t care how much it costs, and so on. As such there’s no right or wrong answer, other than that buying a gaming laptop for Zwift is just about the worst option when it comes to value.

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Did not want to throw money at it so your advice about gaming laptops is gratefully received - will explore the other options now. :+1: :+1:

Absolute best value for money IMO is in upgrading an old office PC and making it dedicated for Zwift. Easy to do for around £150 and will get you Ultra graphics at great frame rates. All the information on how to do this is on the group. But it does require some effort and some compromises, I’m not gonna pretend it’s the same as ordering something off Amazon and just turning it on the next day.

Well, unless you find some nerd who builds them for something to do. Ahem.

Sounds like you are speaking from experience there :smile: - could do with you as a neighbour