Best Hour Ever on a trainer

First ride on Zwift today and I loved it.

I’ve always avoided indoor trainers but that cost me big time when I came off on ice and fractured my hip just before new year.

So I’m stuck indoors on the road to recovery and hoping Zwift will save my sanity.

Had a few crashes (definitely not as painful as real ones) but have now updated my graphics drivers so hopefully that will help.

The chat was a bit confusing - I can see other people chatting or trying to chat with me but not sure how to chat back.

A chat room with virtual espresso would definitely be a great addition for pre and post ride socialising. And some social messaging - follow, leave messages etc. At least that way we can say Hi even if we haven’t been able to do it during the ride and it would be a way of arranging and hooking up for rides or talking about workouts.

Apart from that, longer routes and some variations would be nice but I guess that will come in time.

Thanks for the fun feedback, and sorry to hear about the crash (both the real life one and the software one).

The chat will become more obvious once you receive the mobile application, but in the meantime you can use the ‘m’ key while riding if you have a keyboard handy. You can buy a cheap bluetooth keyboard the size of a cell phone these days that works well for this.

We’ll be getting more social type features as well as a longer route soon, we have you covered :slight_smile:

Happy to say that updating the graphics drivers seems to have solved my crashes.

Managed to get off 10 laps without any problems today.