Best courses for a sub 5 hour century?

I would like to attempt a 4 hour century on zwift. Logistically i don’t see it happening unless the planets are in some sort of special alignment. So ill settle for under 5 for the first few tries. Im guessing the flattest courses are the best for this. What are your recommendations? Something with some scenery would be great too.

Thanks. :call_me_hand:

Tempus fugit is the best option, especially if a fast pace partner is on the course. You should easily be able to get sub 5 hour century on this route with a nice blob around a pace partner.

The pace partner schedule is in the thread linked below, seems to be some issue with the scheduling however…

Yeah I’d suggest this but then when you get bored (and you will!) steer off and do the volcano flat route for a bit until you get bored then head back to tempus fugit

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I think it’s more my inability to read.


Watopia’s Waistband :+1: