Bergen 2017

Hi. The world cycling championships will be held in my hometown Bergen, Norway in the summer of 2017, and i would love for zwift to do the same thing for bergen as they did for richmond and London, recreate the routes the pros ride. Are you planning to do this? Is there any way i can help, if you need someone “on the ground” to do legwork, take pictures, ride routes and so on - me and my cycling friends would love to contribute!

I hope the same… Would be so great to ride Montana, Bryggen and Fløyen!

Maybe France, not Bergen.


You do not get any more beautiful scenery than Bergen. So it would be absolutely stunning to get these routes into zwift. 

I think Bergen would be a perfect fit for a Zwift course. A technical and action packed course in beautiful surroundings, and of course the epic climb up Mount Floyen!!!