Beginner.... I am just starting out should I do 6wk Beginner FTP Builder?

Beginner… I am just starting out should I do 6wk Beginner FTP Builder?

I am a 54 year old overweight male that just started biking about 4 weeks ago.
I just got a Kickr Bike to help and I am thinking about doing the 6wk Beginner FTP builder but do I need to know my FTP before starting?

should I do this?

What is your views on this?


Before setting off to do a workout plan you should know your FTP on the trainer that you are going to use.
If you don’t know your ftp on that trainer then you should do a FTP test to find your FTP.

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For what it’s worth, as someone just getting back into biking myself, after about a month I started on the same plan, (having done the Ramp Test Lite previously to determine my FTP, which was 151W). For me, the plan didn’t give me enough recovery time within the week. I did the first workout according to the plan (“Strength”) on 9/17, then took a day off for rest because I was beat, then did “Foundation” on 9/19, and so the deadline it gave me for the next workout “Tempo” was the end of the day 9/20. Trying to do those two on consecutive days was too much for me - I hit a wall during the “Tempo” workout and had to quit, and for the next few days had mild hip pain due to overexertion.

Long story short, I would personally suggest one of two things - either doing some more free ride for a while, or a better option in my opinion is doing the individual workouts that are part of the FTP Builder on your own without going directly to the training plan. If you do the training plan, it sets a fairly rigid schedule, which if maybe you need something more disciplined could be good.

But that’s not really a problem I personally have at least. So the rigid structure is a detriment for me. Whereas if you just do the workouts you can adjust the schedule as you need to and add another rest day or low-power day where needed. Or if you decide something like hey, it’s potentially the last nice warm and sunny weekend of the year, I want to go outside instead, you don’t have to worry about missing a deadline in your training plan.

In my specific case, I think I’d have been okay if I had the option to push back the “Tempo” workout one more day. But it’s also possible of course that you might also prefer the schedule for yourself.

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