Beacon for sweepers in grouprides


I ride a lot of grouprides and most of them with Sweepers. 
Yet it’s difficult to see them because they look like the other riders who are part of the groupride. The leader has a beacon but maybe it would be cool to also have a beacon for the Sweepers. 

I live in Europe and when there is a roadrace going on before the race there is a car with a RED Flag. Meaning that behind the car there is a race busy.
At the back of the race another car is riding around with a green flag. Meaning that behind the car there are no riders left.

Maybe implement something like this for the grouprides?

Groupride organisers currently have to let Zwift know who leads in grouprides  but it would be nice if they could do that also for possible sweepers.




Maybe not another beacon is necessary - but perhaps a different colour for the jersey.

I ran a ride this morning and we split the group into two in order to form a chase pack. The chasing group said it was hard to know who they were following.

I’m a fan of the sweeper beacon! Before Events was a thing, World Social Riders had a leader and sweeper in unique jerseys and we just stayed between the two. Clearly identifies those that want to ride the advertised ride/pace.