Battersea Power Station

Recently I noticed the Battersea Power Station while riding the Greatest London Loop.
This is great and I can’t believe I did not notice it before.
Has it always been a part of the London Course?

History lesson for those questioning.
It is the cover of Pink Floyd’s Animals album and when I saw it on Zwift, I looked up the actual location and sure enough, that’s right where it is located - maybe not the Pig - but the plant is there.

I’ve seen the pig floating above, with Scotty the Squirrel riding on the back of the pig, too, for good measure :slight_smile:

I thought the Scotty the Squirrel comment was a joke but today I saw him.
I don’t think the squirrel was on the pig the first time I saw it.

It definitely has been there since they added the Knightsbridge extension in mid-2017, but I don’t think you could see it before that.