Avg Watts Display when climbing Alpe du Zwift

I am running Zwift on Apple TV with version 1.0.44575. At the bottom left of the screen when climbing AdZ, there is a display to show Sector Stats: elapsed time, avg HR and avg Watts. My display does not display the Avg Watts, it shows --.

Is there any way this can be displayed properly? Is this a known error?

IIRC it only shows the average once you’ve completed the segments.

Thanks…but as soon as the current sector is completed, this display disappears to show stats from the current sector. And the previous sector just shows distance and time. I can share a screen shot if it helps.



So you don’t have the average watts showing in the location of arrow 1 here?

I was thinking of the ones for arrow 3, which obviously you haven’t ridden yet.

No, my display looks quite different - screenshot attached where it shows – under Avg Watts and also doesn’t display the AHR and Avg Watts from current or previous sector.


Maybe the display has changed since I last rode it back in August, but on the most recent screenshot I have (from that ride) I get what I showed before.

I don’t have an AppleTV, but I’d have thought all platforms would display the same thing.

I might venture up there tomorrow and see what I get if no one else has chipped in.