Workout summary: average watt per section

(Anders Nilsson) #1

A workout is divided into different sections, warm up, intervals, etc. It would be great to see on the summary/statistics page after completing the workout high and average watt per workout section. Hence getting high and average watt for just that 30 secs of an interval.

(Brandon Amos) #2

If Zwift were to include LapMesg parts within the FIT file you would be able to view this information in Strava.

(Chris McCombs) #3

Is there somewhere that I can see my average speed and watts for my zwift career - much like when i click on Nearby Riders? I can see their avg stats but can’t find my own.


(Brandon Amos) #4


If you log into the Zwift site you can see your total miles and total time, a simple calculation would give you your career average speed.

Alternatively, you have the FIT files on your PC, you could load these into a Garmin Connect account and then get various stats on your rides/career from their site.