Workout summary: average watt per section

A workout is divided into different sections, warm up, intervals, etc. It would be great to see on the summary/statistics page after completing the workout high and average watt per workout section. Hence getting high and average watt for just that 30 secs of an interval.

If Zwift were to include LapMesg parts within the FIT file you would be able to view this information in Strava.

Is there somewhere that I can see my average speed and watts for my zwift career - much like when i click on Nearby Riders? I can see their avg stats but can’t find my own.



If you log into the Zwift site you can see your total miles and total time, a simple calculation would give you your career average speed.

Alternatively, you have the FIT files on your PC, you could load these into a Garmin Connect account and then get various stats on your rides/career from their site.