Avatar moving back and forth

Hi,Got a new gaming laptop to meet all extreme levels on your site. I zwifted for 2 weeks with no problems and now I seem to have problems at time frames where my avatar is jerking back and forth. I can’t watch it because it makes me sick. It never happens in events only when riding by myself. Last 15 seconds or so and goes away and comes back again. Any ideas?



Hi Susie,

Sounds like something is causing a slow down - does your frame-rate drop entirely (i.e. everything stutters) or just the animation of your own rider, but everyone else remains smooth?


Just my own avatar and everything else is smooth. Sometimes I do have another avatar following me and they will jerky back and forth with me too.




Hi Susie,

One thing to do is check on https://zwiftalizer.com/ - load your latest log.txt file (located in your Documents\Zwift\Logs folder) and take a look at the recommendations on there.