Auto-start and Network Connection Behavior

There’s no reason for Zwift to auto-start on boot, and if you must insist on persisting this behavior, you need to re-evaluate how you are handling connectivity checks.

Is there any particular reason that when I boot my laptop at work or the coffee shop, before successfully connecting to the Wi-fi, that I must clear 3,890,254.7 connectivity warnings?  

What OS?  In Windows the Auto Start can be easily disabled.

Windows 10.

Yes, it’s arguably easy to disable the auto-start, and yes, I’ve done that.  However, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that “easy” is relative; I’ve been working in IT for over 20 years and sure, this was a ~10 second no-brainer for me - but for my wife, this would have been a nightmare.

And that all actually misses the real point, which is that 6 to 10 (no exaggeration) stacked pop-ups on boot notifying me that Zwift can’t connect, well, I’d say that’s a bit excessive.  Based on my wife’s past behavior as a fairly typical end user, odds are that most users will needlessly and silently muscle through closing the pop-ups and never complain or they’ll stop using the software.

Hi Jeff, 

This is not something we enable on our end. It is typically a configuration at the local level, with Zwift being enabled as a start up app.