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Absolutely fuming here… 100km race and i’m sitting in 3rd with 2km to go 4th rider is over a min behind me. and… Zwift auto select pops up and moves me to another world. WTF Zwift why can’t we turn that crap off why is there no setting to turn it off … try and use a track pad with sweaty hands. I could punch someone right now that’s how pissed i am.

I’m guessing you had elected to be part of another event prior to starting this one?

Did you not receive several pop ups prior to the last one?

Were you not running the ZCA?

And I’m afraid violence won’t make it any better. :disappointed_relieved:

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Nope it popped up gave me 10s to choose so by the time my sweaty hands would work on the track pad it had already auto selected ‘OK’ … Should i have cancelled other rides before starting more likely but at 6am it’s not really what your thinking about also the fact remains having ‘Ok’ as the default option is just plain stupid it should count down and just sit there till the rider manually chooses… There should also be an option in settings to turn that off as this is what happens when you have Zwift doing things automatically for you.

First thing i did was check ZCA but there was no pop-ups so i was left trying to do it on the main screen.

I’m not sure having a setting to turn it off is viable, then it wouldn’t appear, kind of defeats the object of having it. You’d have no way of entering your event in game then.

Can’t understand why you didn’t get a series of pop ups, normally get several prior to an event starting.

Having ZCA running definitely gives you a back-up option to navigating on screen as yes sweaty hands in the last few km’s is a recipe for disaster.

All that said and i don’t say this to inflame the situation but lesson learnt…always make sure you don’t overlap events.

This sounds like something went wrong. I have seen the prompt many times but never with a 10 second timer. I agree it should not have a default selection to quit your current ride if you don’t respond. The potential harm of quitting a ride is greater than the harm of missing the start of a ride. The user’s intention to be in the ride they are doing is much clearer than their intention to start a different one.

There was a huge drive from users to have the auto select as default, the reason was that they plan rides in advance an don’t have access to the kb so they want to go to the planned with out interaction.

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Which screws over other riders… especially disabled riders. Which i am one of… I have MS and have intermittent issues with my hands issues like numbness, nerve pain etc which makes it difficult to use a mouse hence the reason i use a keyboard with a trackpad and not a mouse. The issue with a trackpad is once you have sweaty hands your fingers can just skate over the surface with out it pick up the movement.

They should have resolved this by giving players the choice if they want it to act in this manner with a on off option within the games settings, that would have covered all bases. Obviously there was no thought put into this as to how it would affect players like myself.


There is plenty of notice starting about 30min before the next event.

Not everything should be pre programmed. In your case it will be better to not plan events that overlap.

I found a trackball mouse to be a lot better.

Things happen.

I didn’t plan it, i changed my mind as i was awake earlier than what i thought i would be and as i pointed out earlier at 6am the thought of cancelling rides does not cross ones mind. Even at that it still doesn’t change the issue from the perspective of someone with disabilities like myself. Is Zwift not supposed to be inclusive and take into account how changes affect all users not just the vocal.

True… things happen at at the time it was very very frustrating and now after a few hours i’m more like… meh… about it. I still think they should revisit how it works.