Auto screenshot & Auto Rideon

Love Zwift, however I don’t often ride with the mobile app to hand, couple of reasons no mount and the fact I’m sweating to much so the touchscreen fails!

However as I am riding either solo or in a group I have found that I wish I had auto screenshots and auto rideon giving… 

I will explain, you win a jersey can’t get to the keyboard or app, get zwift to auto screen shot you in your new pride and joy. Zwift already takes a random snap but you have to hope it was one of you wearing the jersey!

When riding in big groups like ODZ etc you get a fair amount of rideons but if i don’t have access to or am incapable of getting to the keyboard or app I always feel bad for not returning a rideon to the user sending me one… it would be good if you could set the system to auto acknowledge and send a rideon back to keep that community love going!

I know these are not exactly mission critical to zwifts development but thought I would share!

Rideon guys!


E.Osmond TeamODZ

i like the ideas, I am normally working too hard to be fussing with a small keypad.