Auto-join of events needs an entire overhaul

Maybe “Auto Join Event” could be disabled if you’re already doing an event…?

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you can’t dismiss the autojoin?

I often feel stress in the middle of a race when autojoins pop-up, and I try to unsubscribe via the CA

I completely agree with the OP. Today I wanted to late-join an event after I finish the 80-minute long interval segment of my workout. Unfortunately I have not noticed the auto-join window (I not always watch the screen during the intervals - I can be working hard or watching YouTube during the easy portions). I noticed only when the resistance went down. This killed my entire workout - I haven’t finished the interval segment and therefore got no XP points for that segment, even though I’ve already done big part of it. I had to restart the workout, skip the parts I already did, and complete the intervals I have not done yet. But the skips at the beginning meant I got no XP points this time either, which sucks!
PLEASE Zwift, make the auto-join feature OPTIONAL.