Auto generate worlds from custom routes/GPX

This would be a less ambitious version of World builder thread

Sometimes I like to ride real world routes. I know that gpx-to-workout exists (, but this is now quite what I mean.

By providing a GPX file, zwift would automatically generate a world mimicking the turns, slopes, etc… from the GPX file. Regarding the terrain and decorations, procedurally generated decorations should do the job.

Also when generating the world it would be nice to be able to choose the theme for the generation. For example:

  • City
  • Mountain pass
  • Forest
  • Desert
  • etc…

I know that the main idea of zwift is social riding, and there is no point on riding alone. But I think this would be a great addition, It could even allow to setup races on these “custom” worlds, or invite your friends to ride these custom routes with you.

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Nicely written Jaime.

This would be a great feature and would be very useful when preparing for real world races like triathlons, fondo’s, or road races. I currently use Rouvy when simulating race routes but it’s not as advanced as what you’ve proposed and I would prefer to do it on Zwift if there was an option like this.

I also own a coaching business and I think that this type of feature would be a major attraction for the athletes that I coach who are currently using other training apps instead of Zwift.

All I could think about reading this idea was the old Rainbow Road course on Mario Kart 64. Spacey ‘nothing’ background (Easier for the devs to do) and just have the generated route floating in space :slight_smile:

Agreed! Allow us to download custom routes and ride them on Zwift. BKool has this option!

You can create a GPX workout using this

If you create your own world was suggested by the OP then you will be alone riding by yourself.
There are many programs where you can ride alone on a GPX file (it has been possible since 2010) but it is boring. The zwift social interaction is what makes it so popular and nice.

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Sometimes we want to ride alone… Would be nice if Zwift added it and went the next step and allowed others to be invited to ride it, or open it up if creator wanted it to be used by others…