August update on Friday?

The guest world calendar suggests that the update will come out by the tenth. Since Zwift loves a Friday rollout, I’m guessing we’ll see the August update on Friday.

Will there be anything in it besides general access to France?

I heard there would be cookies, but I could wrong.

Elimination of drafting off TT/Tri bikes?

Rowing, maybe?

Guaranteed to be disappointing.

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It’s been too quiet recently. I’m going with new UI, but based around phone/ATV so you still can’t save without exiting on PC/Mac.

If I recall correctly, the word months ago, pre-pandemic, was that the new UI would come out on iOS first.

I believe it was to come out on ATV first.

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Yes, Apple something…

It will probably come out on Friday, for the Specialized SL7 event related items next week.
The update will also fix a few things, and break a few others, just in time for the weekend :smiley:


Still trying to find one single good reason for rolling out updates on fridays… :thinking: and with Zwift´s tendency to add a goody-bag of bugs with every update I find it even more weird they choose to push the updates before the weekends :roll_eyes:


lol nope

@DaveH Do you have some confirmation of what the update is (and is not)?

It’s just been released for PC/Mac. Not much of note, mainly just new assets for events (kits, banners etc), the SL7 and some DT Swiss wheels. And a new powerup, anvil.

Edit: This aged well. :joy:

Is the fence back at least?

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No idea, but I highly doubt it. Edit: whoops! :smiley:

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Yes, and results in meetups

NO WAY! They actually released something that isn’t fixing pixellated seagulls!