Audio trouble - BT headset

(Trevor Barcelo) #1

As anyone else using a BT headset to connect to their PC? I have had a lot of trouble with this. My headset connects fine for “normal computer stuff”, but when I launch Zwift I rarely get the audio channel. Today I am sure that the headset connected properly with my laptop, but as soon as I launched Zwift I start hearing a few clicks and pops, but no audio channel. Just curious if anyone else is seeing that. When I disconnected the headset, my TV defaulted back to the audio channel (through HDMI), but still no Zwift audio. After closing Zwift, I heard normal computer audio stuff through the TV. Odd …

(Paul Joyce) #2

I set up a BT headset on a Win 7 machine last week. Had to update to current drivers (have Intel BT chipset) and it works great with Zwift. Did you select the BT headset in control panel, sound?

(Trevor Barcelo) #3

I need to do some more troubleshooting. I had it working once or twice, but I couldn’t get it to work today or on Saturday. Once I closed Zwift, I was able to hear computer sounds through the headset again. Strange.

(Allan Watkins) #4

Check out how it’s connected in the control panel.

Like it’s “bluebuds x hands free” or “bluebuds x stereo” and I had to disable one / enable the other and set as default communication / default playback etc… for the one that works better, the other one doesn’t get great sound quality due to very low bit rate on that channel.