Atmospheric Haze

(Bhaltair) #1

I get that some atmospheric haze is useful to give a sense of distance…

…but if I looked outside and the skies were this polluted, I think I’d opt for the gym instead of a ride.

Could we reduce the haze density a bit?

Thank you.

(Jim) #2

The AQI in Watopia is probably pretty bad due to the active volcano!

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(Dan) #3

what resolution do you run at? i noticed it “cleared up” some when i got a new computer and started running at 1440.

(Bhaltair) #4

1080p. That’s the highest resolution available to me in Settings.

(Dan) #5

the light effects are very nice at higher resolutions, too :slight_smile:

(Aaron Zwanzig [DIRT]) #6

It might just have been clouds in the sunset, but it appeared as though there was a sand storm brewing in Fuego Flats.