Assistance: New interactive biketrainer on budget (Max €600; best bang for buck)

Dear Zwifters,

As the title states, I’m searching for a new interactive Zwift compatible biketrainer within a budget of Max € 600. I’ve been searching online but I can’t see the wood for the trees’. There are different kind of brands/types supported, which would you prefer / choose within my budget? And do I have to purchase a ANT+ sensor with this certain type of biketrainer.

I’d like to have the best possible experience with Zwift and I read that the max possible resistance for the biketrainer is also important. Further, I own a Garmin 810 incl. a cadance-, heart- and speedsensor.

Thanks in advance, as I’d really like to join the world of Zwift. :slight_smile:


Hi M,

Unfortunately I am unable to give you a detailed comparison between all the interactive trainers available - as I just haven’t tried them all.

However I can tell you that I am over the moon with my Cycleops Powerbream Pro. It does absolutely everything I would want it to do (and more). Ant+ built in connects directly to Zwift, automatic resistance is excellent (however it does miss the auto roll downhill). It is also super quiet, which helps training at night with 2 kids in bed.


Regarding price, I got mine of EBAY second hand so got a great price on it, however if you shop around online, you can get one new for around the £600 (I’m in UK). The price of them vary a lot but that is if you get the Joule Unit with it (which you don’t need for Zwift). I got one with mine, but it is still in box and never used as I just have no need to use it with either Zwift or TrainerRoad.



Here’s a quick comparison of the Tacx lineup in terms of max grade, simulated flywheel and max power

Vortex 7% 12kg 950W

Bushido 15% 60kg 1400W

Genius 20% 125kg 1500W
Neo 25% 125kg 2200W


You will always need an ANT+ dongle for Zwift, no matter what trainer or sensors you’re connecting. Your Garmin head unit is of no use, but your sensors certainly are.

Dear all, 

Thanks for the reply’s, I went with the Tacx Bushido t2780. AGW I hope to be up and running by the end of the week, cant wait :).

The Genius and Neo were out of my price range and as for the Cycleops there was no real nearby supplier of this device in my country and all hits I found regarding this device were > € 1.000,00 +.

Also had a look at the Elite Turbo Muin Smart B+ but this one doesn’t seem possible to increase her resistance. 

Bushido is a good choice, it having no power supply is surely something you have to get used to. Just watch out that you really get the “SMART” variant (T2780) since there are a lot of old Non-Smart Bushidos around…