April update issues on macOS

Having issues with the app on OSX Catalina. Used to have a decent frame rate before the update, now the frame rate is absolutely horrendous, and game freezes for about five seconds at random intervals. During freeze it seems I’m thrown out of the world, if I’m in a group, the group is suddenly five seconds ahead when I re-join.

Have tried clearing cache, re-installed application, and checked file access.

Running macOS 10.15.7, 3.4 GHz quad core Intel i7 with 8GB 1600 MHz ram, and 2GB GeForce GTX 680MX graphics card

Any advice to be had?

Could be the new launcher, lots of complaints about it causing graphics issues.

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I have this problem too on Mac OS since the update. On a MacBook Pro so this shouldn’t be an issue, even dropped the rate to 720 during the ride with no real improvement.


Yep this looks like my issue too

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Please remember to upvote the issue to keep this visible for devs?

I’m also getting a lot more image stuttering on a 2012 MBP since the last update, with occasional shearing across the avatars.


I’m seeing this stuttering problem too where before the update the graphics were smooth.

Zwift is almost unusable at the moment for me as a result

MacBook Air 2014 / OS Big Sur 11.3.1 , 1.4GHz Dual-Core i5, Intel HD 5000, 4GB RAM

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Is everyone else still seeing this problem? Still getting dreadful stuttering on the road scrolling every time I log on. Occasional freeze with a ‘boomerang’ back.

Seems to be worst where there are shadows across the road (so the current rotation of Makuri/NYC is particularly bad)