Apple TVOS 13 upgrade won’t connect to any device via Bluetooth

Apple TV 4K TVOS 13 Bluetooth connection failures.

My Apple TV upgraded tonight to version 13. Since then I can’t connect Zwift to any of my Bluetooth devices.

It’s been working well for the last 12 months so I know it’s the upgrade that has caused this issue.

Anyway to confirm I’ve tested my Wahoo Kickr snap to my iPhone. I then disabled Bluetooth and turned my phone off so I knew there were no other Bluetooth connections and still Zwift via Apple TV OS 13 won’t connect.

Please advise on steps to troubleshoot.


On iOS 13 you need to allow apps to have access to Bluetooth, you might want to check the settings to see if Zwift has access to BLE. The settings will not carry over from what they were before the upgrade.

After upgrading to tvOS 13, when you start Zwift, you will be asked if you wish to allow Zwift access to Bluetooth. You have to reply “Yes”.

If you replied “No” whether intentionally or accidentally, you can go into the settings and manually enable Zwift to access Bluetooth.

Settings > General > Privacy > Bluetooth Sharing > Zwift : While Using the App


I was able to connect after some initial issues with zwift on my atv 4K after upgrading to latest tvOS. However, the resistance on my kickr is now way off. Tried recalibration through the zwift spin down option but it keeps timing out. My kickr has long stopped spinning, and the screen still shows 2mph.

Anybody else have kickr/power issues?

Ended up doing a ride via the iPad app, which worked just fine. So suspect the aTV app.

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I’ve had similar problems since the atv update. My Wahoo tickr isn’t connecting consistently and the resistance on some of my group rides/races doesn’t match the course. Did a race on Innsbruckring this morning and the steep hill would kick in during the middle of the flats while the hill was giving me very little resistance. I am running a Magnus however, not a Kickr.

Wish I had found this excellent post 4 hours ago this is how long I have been struggling to work out why Kickr wasn’t being seen by Zwift thank you so much

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Hi, just had the same issues with Kickr Core and Apple TVOS 13.0. Power didn’t show up and Zwift showed a message that bluetooth does not work properly. After Updating to actual version 13.2 the problems disappeared immediately.

I’m having the same issue. KICKR Snap connects to ATV but no wrench shows to let me calibrate in Zwift in ATV. I can ride but there’s no resistance and my watts are showing way too high. When I go to Zwift on my iPhone (latest iOS) I can ride and get resistance changes but can’t calibrate because it times out. Everything works fine in the Wahoo app so it’s something with Zwift and the KICKR

Thanks for the tip. I couldn’t understand why my iPad connects and my Apple TV 4K (that’s is already on IOS 13.2) didn’t want to connect to my Elite Suito Trainer. I turned on now Zwift Blue tooth sharing and will try to connect during my next ride .



I was able to connect my Elite Suito to my Apple TV 4K. I am having a problem connecting my Apple Watch which I use for my HR Monitor. For some reason it doesn’t see it.

I am using my Apple Watch on the same phone as my Zwift companion App. The connection works well when I use my iPad but not on the Apple TV.

Would you have any tips for this?

For now I connect to my iPad and then do mirror screen but would really like to use the Apple TV as the mirror screen doesnt give me a full screen image on the tv.

Thanks in advance