Apple TV or Smart TV

I am just about to purchase everything for my setup.
I was going to get a Smart TV, however I am now wondering if Apple TV is a better option than a Smart TV. But to be honest i am a bit confused. Can anyone please either un me through the pros and cons? Thanks in advance!

Smart TV is not the same as an Apple TV. Smart TV does not have the Zwift app. Smart TV probably has apps such as Netflix and Youtube.

Apple TV runs Apple tvOS. There is an App store. You can download, install, and run Zwift from the App store. Zwift on the Apple TV is quite nice, albeit the remote functionality could use some improvements. Even so, the remote is not a deal breaker.

I use and recommend the Apple TV 4K. I have it connected to a 4K smart tv. To be honest, non-smart (dumb?) TVs are hard to come by these days. Zwift itself only renders in 1080p, but the cost is cheap vs a high end gaming PC which can render at higher resolutions.

Note: The Apple TV only allows for two Bluetooth connections, no ANT+. If you have ANT+ only devices, then you will need an ANT+ -> Bluetooth bridge device (i.e. Viiiiva HRM or NPE CABLE). If you need to connect more than two Bluetooth devices (e.g., power meter, HRM, trainer, cadence sensor), you will need to use the Zwift Companion app.