Apple TV 4k remote issues

(G odmother Fox-Neo2) #101

I don’t use AppleTV remote for ANY “delicate” operations. It’s good just to start Zwift (installed on Apple TV), choose Workout/Route and Go … that’s all you can use it for (and even then have to be quite patient)

But for any other job - like avatar customization, workout design/change, FTP setting, etc … I use Zwift installed on my MacPro … it’s more comfortable to do those tasks there …

(Pieter Macquoy) #102

Yes, people finding workarounds for all the shortcomings on the Zwift program, while it should be fixed on all platforms really… it’s sad…

(G odmother Fox-Neo2) #103

Not going to advocate Zwift staff here :sunglasses:, but I believe main problem here is Apple TV remote, as it’s basically horrible design … just my $0.02

(Pieter Macquoy) #104

I agree it’s not perfect, but it is at least workable in other apps.

Scrolling through workouts, scrolling through finishline results or ride summary screen, adjusting ftp in workout start screen, … those ‘screens’ aren’t workable with the remote.

(Gleb Chugin #adoptdontshop) #105

atv4 remote is not the best apple product for sure, but Zwift menus work horrible even with macbook trackpad (which is best trackpad on the market since the beginning of times)

(Barb. Bird) #106

I found that out as well. The Apple remote is a PITA to use and takes an inordinate amount of putzing around to make a selection. Just ending a session is aggravating with having to swipe up, down, across, etc… My Harmony 650 turns on my TV and ATV, i click down to the Zwift app and then nothing. The Apple remote is the problem - poor design. I use an Amazon Firestick that’s miles ahead in convenience. I realize this isn’t Zwift’s fault but it would make using the program easier were they to add IR capability.

(Chris Greene) #107

I think all of these comments about the Apple TV remote quality is diverting the focus from the real problem. There are many other apps on the ATV where the remote works 100 times better (I use it daily). Whilst it’s not perfect as a device (is it really THAT bad!?), it certainly has the capability to work so much better in the Zwift app.

I am not really sure why all this explanation has to be done to get Zwift support to acknowledge and fix this - just installing Zwift and trying to use it shows exactly what the problem is, irrelevant of the model of ATV you have.

(Jo Jo) #108

Hello Zwift

I bought an ATV because Zwift doesn’t run well on my old Windows laptop. Too slow.
But on ATV it’s nearly unusable because of the remote issue. Because of this I would like to ask, if I get my money back, if I would like to cancel my subscription.
I’m not willing to accept such a product.
Please fix soon.


PS: Apple TV Not 4K

(Bryant Ferguson) #109

This was extremely helpful. My cursor now works thank you!

(Tim Palmer ZZRC) #110

Great to find this thread! I use Apple TV 4K and have been pulling my hair out trying to select a workout - I literally scroll from top to bottom - lottery if I get the right one. Just worked out how to get manual workouts onto Apple TV - (thanks Eric Min) - now I struggle to select them. Looking forward to patch. Ride On.

(Brian Griffin) #111

when ever my apple remote wont scroll I unplug the apple box and plug it back in. Seems to work everytime

(Lee Wilson) #112

Apple TV 4K

(Artur) #113
  1. Apple Tv remote control on Zwift is heavy. Works with a delay or suddenly rape. This is fatal!

  2. Why on Apple TV I do not see my own training plans created on a PC!

  3. Create a plan for creating an apple TV training.

(Eiki Egilz) #114

@Vincent hi there,

Could you please tell us the latest on this remote control issue on Apple Tv 4k?

Can you even tag some from your tvOs team in this thread, so this gets proper attention …
this is among the highest voted bugs inside Zwift to date … is there really not a fix coming up for this serious fatal issue?

Kind regards,

p.s. when will the “Mute title music be added to the tvOs” ?

(Artur) #115

Have you tried to connect the keyboard but previously unplugging the remote? Remember Appletv only 3 BT devices. Pilot, simulator, heart.

(Vincent) #116

Hey @lord02 this thread has been seen by our Apple TV team and they are aware of the concerns! I will update this thread as soon as I receive any new information regarding that functionality.

(Eiki Egilz) #117

@Vincent ok thank you. Is there ANY progress on the fix … this thread was created on September 30th, and has been upvoted 31 times. When do your developers think a fix will be schedueled? Are they even working on it, you’ve never reponded if there’s anyone WORKING on a fix. Only that they know about the probklem. Maybe hire some more objective-c developers who know how to do this properly … ? :slight_smile: Loads of apps ( all other than Zwift? ) are able to operate properly with the out-of-the-box remote control. Also, I’ve not experienced any other app on my Apple Tv 4k which does not react to my logitech bluetooth keyboard which is connected to it … but Zwift will not respond to it, at all. I would think all this is build into the tvOS if your guys knew how to code for tvOs …

(Vincent) #118

Hey Eiki, it’s being worked on but there just isn’t any ETA at the moment. They’re working on the remote sensitivity to find the best balance and there has been some progress.

(Eiki Egilz) #119

@Vincent thanx for a proper answer!

(Gleb Chugin #adoptdontshop) #120

That problem would never appear if apple did let user to choose to use remote trackpad not as “arrows”, but as a cursor navigator.