Apple TV 4k remote issues

(Eiki Egilz) #81

@Vincent I see you’ve just released an updated iOS version, 1.0.31648, but I still can’t turn off the title music ?!?!
also, can I turn on “shadows” on the Apple Tv 4k, is that an "high end iOS device?

*1.0.31648 - just upgrated to this version, but see version below, in bold

Nov 13, 2018

• Added full screen support for new 2018 iPad Pro lineup
• Fixed bluetooth issue that could cause loss of control of smart trainers
• Added shadows to the graphics on select high-end iOS devices

  • 1.0.31304

Oct 29, 2018

• Fixed issue where users could get stuck going in circles
Added music toggle to title screen <— why is this not supported in the menu of Apple Tv 4k ???
• Fixed ‘Ride With…’ feature on NYC map
• Other bug fixes

For now I just put the volume to minimum for, “Game Sound Volume” but then I don’t get any sound when pushing buttons etc … but at least I get rid of the menu music

No toggle to switch the title music off, in my settings:

(Vincent W.) #82

Thanks for the heads up! I’ll inquire with our team.

Edit: This is something our team is aware of and is down the pipeline. Thanks again!

(Eiki Egilz) #83

@Vincent thanks! please let me know when it has been implemented

(🚴🏼‍♂️ Greying Cyclist) #84

The issues you commented on, exactly the same issue on ATV. I’ve given up trying to use it, just to much of a hassle. I’m using my laptop now, which in the next year to eighteen months the graphics will be out of date as it’s not a high end PC.

(Cj Ottawa) #85


Can you clarify what is meant by “down the pipeline”?

Is this a feature that “may come to a future version for Apple TV” or is this actively in the App-store roll-out channel?

In either case: timeline?

(Kevin Bartlett) #86

YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! I have been getting so frustrated with this, having to force a shutdown, when restarting Apple TV, and opening Zwifit I would have to save the ride, (because the cursor wouldn’t move to allow me to end my rides). I was then having to log into to download the fit file and upload it to Garmin and Strava…It was becoming such a waste of time and extremely inefficient. Thank you for giving me 20minutes back in my day!!